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  • Regulatory Compliance Engineer (安规工程师) 可接受应届毕业生

    Job Description:
    1. To be the reference point/technical expert for Food Contact, RoHS and REACh and other legislation an may become required
    2. To provide a trusted and dependable service to your colleagues in DGDK and overseas that exceeds their expectations.
    3. To ensure all work is completed on time to the agreed requirements
    4. To place on test, monitor progress and analyze the results of all compliance tests for new products, components and sub-assemblies as part of Validation and New Product Development processes
    5. To liaise with all relevant 3rd party laboratories to ensure work is completely in timely manner.
    6. To prepare all supporting paperwork/reports to communicate the conclusions of testing the relevant teams in DL Group.
    7. To initiate and coordinate corrective actions relating to all non-conformances found during testing and conclude them in the shortest possible time.
    8. To maintain our reporting databases with respect to completeness and accuracy of content for the benefit of all users.
    9. To answer promptly al enquiries from Brands
    10. To monitor all test costs, obtain permission from responsible parties ahead of cross charge to projects and report status to VS Manager as required.
    11. To write and issue a monthly summary report for all activities
    12. To monitor the quality and quantity of work performed by the Regulatory Compliance Co-ordinator
    13. To contribute and where possible initiate improvement to processes and reporting both within DGDK and the wider DL Group.
    14. To present regulatory or workflow improvements to DGDK team as required. this can be written for formal presentation.
    15. To support your line manger as required.
    16. Some travel to visit suppliers and 3rd party test labs will be required.
    Other Requirements:
    1. A bachelor degree in Engineer or Science is required;
    2. 1-2 years(fresh graduates) working experience in Industry or in a Test Laboratory;
    3. Knowledge of electrical appliances would be an advantage;
    4. Able to demonstrate team working experience;
    5. Good verbal and written English skills are required;
    6. Excellent Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese is required;
    7. A good knowledge of the following software packages: MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Google apps;
    8. Previous experience of SAP would be an advantage;
    9. Able to work under pressure and achieve deadlines;
    10. Has positive approach to problem solving and is able to work with minimum supervision;
    11. Well organized and disciplined approach to work;
    12. Able to demonstrate initiative while respecting existing process and procedures.
    2919 0282-78|155 8929 3623 82请投递中英文简历
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